5 HVAC tips for marketing

Marketing has evolved greatly in recent years. The digital revolution came in like a storm, quickly knocking out the power of traditional marketing methods such as television and print ads.

Every successful business and industry these days utilizes digital marketing. That isn’t to say they have completely done away with traditional means, but they focus the majority of their marketing budget and effort on the various digital tools.

There’s a number of reasons that digital marketing is more prominent than tactics like magazine ads and billboards. Digital marketing tools reach a much wider, more targeted audience than any traditional tools ever have. They give businesses the ability to provide content that is valuable and relevant, to connect with their audience instead of just trying to sell to them, and to showcase their authenticity and message.

With digital marketing, you’re not spending thousands of dollars to take a shot in the dark and hope you hit your target. Instead, you’re spending little to no money, and strategizing every move in order to stand right before your target and shoot, eyes wide open.

Businesses that don’t jump on board digital marketing tend to find themselves falling further and further behind their competition. Oftentimes local businesses understand how important digital marketing is for online businesses, but can’t really grasp why it’s better for small, localized businesses as well.

As a local HVAC business, it’s important to realize that digital marketing is still the way to go. Any way you look at it, digital marketing tools will provide more value for your target market, at a much smaller cost, than any traditional tools.

Your potential customers are online. They’re using search engines. They’re reading websites. They’re on social media. With a digital marketing strategy, you are essentially focused on being where your target market is, connecting with them, and providing them with value.

HVAC Marketing Tips

Now that you’re convinced your HVAC business needs to utilize digital marketing tactics in order to get leads and land jobs, you will want to know how to develop and implement the best marketing strategy out there.

By following these tips, you’ll find your list, and income, growing.

1. Create a high-quality website

Don’t forget, your target market is reading websites. They’re checking out what each local HVAC business has to offer; their services, free content, costs, and more.

If you think about your current website, would you say it agrees with and compliments your brand? Is it a great representation of your business? If your website was your one chance to woo leads, do you think it would do so?

You need a great, expertly crafted website in order to receive the customers that you want. Make sure your website is optimized, interactive, has a clear call to action, and is relevant to your target market.

2. Understand the basics of SEO

Your target market is online and you need to ensure that they are aware of you. Without awareness, they’re going to take their business elsewhere.

Every single consumer today utilizes search engines when they’re looking for a business, brand, product, or service. Even if they’re looking for a local business, most of the time they will use search engines.

This is why it is imperative to receive a high search engine ranking. When consumers are using search engines to achieve a high ranking, it’s important to have an optimized website that will help you appear on the first page for those who are looking.

3. Develop a great Local SEO campaign

Most people looking for your services are local to you. Google needs to know what you do and where you do it in order to rank you high during local searches. You want to make sure you’re in the “Map Pack” – those three business that show up under the map – when anyone looks for your services or products. This is accomplished by having a quality Local SEO Campaign. Google My Business, Citations, Review Management, Back Links, and of course great content are all parts of a good Local SEO strategy. You will want to optimize your website by ensuring that it’s optimized for mobile, providing relevant local details, keywords, and having a clear call to action.

4. Craft HVAC marketing content

You don’t just want people to stumble upon your website once and then forget about you. Instead, you want to regularly post valuable and informational content that sets you apart as the local HVAC expert and keeps people coming back again and again for useful information.

When you build up a great bank of relevant content, your target market will know to head to your website any time they have a question or issue regarding their HVAC system. You’ll be the expert they can turn to. You will also be the expert that they direct other people to if asked.

Having a ton of high-quality, valuable content, like blog posts, will ensure that you are differentiating your business from the other HVAC businesses, increasing your visibility, and making your business essential in your local community.

You will also be able to share links to your posts on your social media accounts, gaining further traffic to your website, and an increase in followers on your profiles. Use social media to create more frequent, relevant content that provides engagement and connection with your audience.

5. Ask for online reviews

Today’s consumers trust other people, especially when they feel that those people have no interest in a business whatsoever. That’s why there are so many consumers checking online reviews before they become a customer of a particular store, restaurant, or brand. People want to know about others’ experiences, they want to know their thoughts, and they tend to trust them.

Ask your happy clients to go online and leave reviews for others. Make sure that word-of-mouth reference goes around as far as possible. You’ll find a number of new leads checking out your website and your social media accounts if you start asking your customers to review your business.

The Final Word

Marketing has changed and if you want your HVAC business to be successful, you’ll have to change too. Set aside the old traditional marketing tools and embrace the instantaneous, connection-based marketing found in the digital world. By setting yourself up as the local HVAC expert, you’ll find that your leads start rolling in.