Business Accelerator provides everything you need to have a strong online presence.

Business Accelerator

In today’s marketplace, businesses have to have a successful online presence even if they provide in-person services. The competition is fierce, and you have to stay ahead. Once you fall behind, it’s really hard to catch back up.

A Web and Marketing Campaign To Build a Powerful, Effective Online Presence

For an ever-growing number of consumers today, their first exposure to a business isn’t an ad or a sales promotion. It’s by an online search. Any business that isn’t turning up among the top search results is in for a struggle, no matter how good their products or services are. They’re going to have a hard time attracting new potential customers and making the conversion to sales and clients.

Expert help is available with Business Accelerator. This program will give your business a boost by improving your website’s ranking among Google search results, attracting more eyes and more interest in what you offer, and developing a strategy to maintain and grow that strong online presence.

How Do You Know You Might Need Business Accelerator?

To determine if your website could use the expert help Business Accelerator provides, ask yourself the following questions:

Is my website generating the traffic, inquiries, and business that I want it to?

Do my competitors’ websites look better than mine does?

Why isn’t my business showing up in the top search results when I Google my products and services?

What does our Business Accelerator include?

Business Accelerator is our comprehensive campaign that is designed to help you budget your marketing investment, while getting outstanding results. It’s our full package: everything you need to put your best foot forward, increase website traffic and website leads, and convert visitors into customers. If you need your phone to ring with quality leads, then this is for you.

Digital Diagnostics Our process for analyzing and auditing your website design, conversion, and optimization so we know where you are now, what’s working, and what’s not.

Search Research This is where we do the research to figure out what keywords you SHOULD be optimized for, and what your competition is up to.

Digital Roadmap Now we know the current situation with your website. We know what words your customers use when searching for services like yours. And, we know what your competition is up to. So it's time to create a game plan customized for you that will help you outrank your competitors and be found by your target audience.

CopyRIGHT Armed with the Digital Roadmap, we create a customized Content Strategy and write the content for your website. Our writers know how to improve engagement and conversion rates and to target the right search phrases your customers are using in Google.

Design & Development Logo, Website  --- built on WordPress that will help your business improve your credibility and the quality and number of leads you get.

A brand new website built on WordPress that will help your business improve your credibility and the quality and number of leads you get.

Local SEO Accelerator Will increase your search engine ranking, helping potential customers find you when they search in your area. We’ll make sure your site is found, and we’ll optimize your Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business) and build backlinks to your site.

Reputation Booster will boost your “social proof” by helping you increase the number of positive, glowing reviews for your business. When others read your reviews, they’ll be lining up to work with you..

Website Care Plan Our popular service which includes security, backups, software updates, and content updates by way of a help desk ticketing system.

Seems like a lot, no? Maybe you’re overwhelmed after reading this. Makes sense. We’d be confused if we read the details of everything you did too. Basically it boils down to this: we become part of your team to make sure your website and marketing are supported and bringing you value - which means: bringing you business.

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