This was interesting and a great example of why our strategy meetings are so important at the beginning of the project. Through our discussion, we were able to determine that the biggest need was not necessarily more shipping clients, but to attract and retain great drivers and employees. Being in an industry with great turnover, this was the biggest pain point for GHI Trucking.

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Our Solution

We created a beautiful website, coordinating with their photographer for a photo shoot to really show off their brand new trucks. But we put the focus of the entire website into attracting qualified candidates for employment. One strategy was to create a second "quick apply" form to try to get employment leads on drivers that didn't want to fill out the long form to determine if they qualified. The full form application is dynamic and produces a beautiful and helpful report that is sent back to the client. We were able to produce 58 solid inquiries in the first month. An increase of approximately 40% in the first month alone.


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