Village of Tivoli

Like most municipalities, the website for The Village of Tivoli was out of date, poorly organized, and not very efficient to use for the people in Village Hall. Tivoli needed a nice fresh look, but more importantly a way to organize the content so that it was easy to keep up to date, and easy for residents and visitors to navigate.

website design portfolio - Tivoli

Our Approach

We used our tried and true methods for municipality websites which have served us well over the years. We came up with a logical, clean design built around a content plan that organized the village's content into different "documents" and "notices" - so it is now easy to upload minutes, public notices and important documents - and of course easy for site users to find what they need. We also built into the site an easy and very noticable method for displaying important and/or emergency messages.

Their Response

We are thrilled with the final product delivered to us by Wiltwyck. Our new website is both highly functional and attractive. Working with Wiltywck was a satisfying collaboration. At every step, from the initial concepts to the final launch, Wilywyck heard our ideas, sought our feedback, and the result is exactly what we had envisioned.
~ Mayor Joel Griffin
Village of Tivoli, NY



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