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Home Services Success Program

How would you like to scale your business so that you are the "Go-To Guy" for your trade in your area?  How about working less hours and getting some of your life back?

Sounds great, huh?


The problem at the moment is either:

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You need more qualified clients filling your funnel. People no longer use the Yellow Pages, and now you're working completely off of referrals.


You’ve got SO MUCH WORK on your plate that you’re maxed out and working too hard, meaning you’re leaving profit on the table.

So you either need MORE clients or you need BETTER clients.

My name is Pete Perry and over the last 10 years I’ve worked with dozens of businesses to build websites and digital marketing campaigns - and have narrowed my focus down to one thing: helping them land MORE customers and BETTER customers.

Why? Because the truth is there’s a systematic way to be successful online. We know the process and follow the steps that will get the right people coming from your website and to your business.

For instance:

We know that people check online reviews when they are comparing home service providers. Are you one of those companies that cross their fingers and hope that a happy customer will jump to Google and leave them a glowing review. That isn’t a reliable system.

There’s a way to convince your happy customers to give you feedback and send that review to Google or another site.

We recommend being proactive and asking as fast as possible for a review. You can do this by providing a link right to your Google account.

It’s one of the most powerful yet simple things you can do - have more good reviews. In fact, many people don’t read the reviews, they sometimes only look at the number of reviews and the score.

But Google pays attention to the score; the number of reviews; and also the frequency that you’re getting reviews.

As part of our Home Services Success Program, we will build a special Review Funnel to help the good reviews get online. But this review funnel is only one part of the solution. There are actually nine pieces to the Success Program that help you grow your business and reach your goals.

Some of the services we'll provide are:

  • We will redesign your website if needed, and make optimization changes to it monthly.
  • We will look at what people search for when they want your services, and then target those phrases.
  • We’re going to create content for the site.
  • We’re going to optimize your setup on Google Maps - which they call “Google My Business”.
  • We’re going to track and report on what’s working and what’s not and of course adjust from there.


One of our clients that has enjoyed great results from our Success Program services is April & Company. They are a beauty salon who needed to bring more clients in the door. After working with her for a year we were able to get her to #1 for 8 different keywords in Google. This increased her website traffic. It also increased the number of appointments booked online AND over the phone by a total of 23%.

So you have a choice. You can try to figure this out yourself and spend weeks researching and experimenting and hoping you did it right. Or you can work with us to get it done.

Right now I’m looking for a few more of my dream clients to become my next case studies. If you meet the criteria, we’ll start out by working together in a Discovery Session

I work with three types of clients:

  • Home Service Providers, or other businesses that serve a specific geographic area.
  • People that are 100% committed to taking action and investing in their future success.
  • Business owners who are ready to grow their business so they can focus on doing the things they love to do.

If this feels like you, then let’s get on a call.

Here’s how it works:

During the Discovery Session we will help you get clear about what a successful 12 months looks like.

Then we’ll dig deep into your business to see what’s working and what’s not. We’ll identify the hidden roadblocks that are holding you back, and they’re not usually where you think they would be.

Finally, we’ll map out a 3 step action plan to get you on your way to achieving your goals. I promise you’ll leave this session feeling clear, confident and excited about the future.

So who is this for?

  • Our ideal client is doing high 6-figures a year and ready to go well beyond.
  • You understand that you need to have some skin in the game. You have no problem making an investment in your business.
  • You’re ok with the fact that working with me will not be “cheap”. Most of my clients get a positive return within a few months and want to continue beyond the initial 12 month commitment to keep the results coming.

Let me clear up who this is NOT for:

  • People who think they always need to be working 70 hour weeks to keep afloat
  • People who are not responsive when we need feedback, because they think they’re TOO busy.
  • Anyone who is looking for a quick, free fix - because that unicorn does not exist.

Sound like a good fit?

Then go ahead and click the button below to complete the application form on the next page.

Upon approval, you will be able to book a time right in my calendar and we’ll get to work putting a plan together for you.

At the end of the Discovery Session I’ll extend an invitation for you to work with us to install the Home Services Success Program into your business.

Go ahead click the button and fill out the application. My calendar fills up quickly - I can only do so many of these 1-2-1 sessions - so grab your opportunity..