Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO
Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO

The internet is today’s most powerful marketing tool. Being the most powerful also means it tends to be pretty crowded. Without a solid Law Firm SEO plan, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of competition.

Studies show that people are less likely to search past the first page or two of search engine results. Optimizing your website means gaining visibility. Without the ability to find you, it doesn’t matter what you have to offer, people won’t see it. If they can’t find you, they cannot hire you. It’s that simple.

We will help your website gain visibility by using optimization best practices that will ensure more leads and a better return on your investment.

We will help you with onsite optimization which focuses on keywords, good content, and continuous updating of your website. Offsite optimization will help get your links on other sites that will drive traffic.

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO is the practice of bringing traffic to your website when people search in Google and other search engines for the services you provide. The goal of these strategies is to set your website up to rank well for a series of key terms that people are actually searching for. All of this is to get your LAw Firm noticed, and generate more quality leads.

When the internet was young, it was much easier to land on the front page of Google. There was less competition, and Google’s algorithm was not nearly as complicated. Google has improved and so has the competition. Some of the things that need to be in place to get Google’s attention include:

web design

Web Design

It all starts with great design. Google likes fast websites. People like websites that are professionally designed. Everyone wants your site to work well on any device. Your site needs to be easy to navigate, and it needs to be easy to contact you. Optimizing your site means making it easily accessible. If it’s complicated and doesn’t work properly this will affect the way Google perceives you - because Google wants to serve up the BEST answer to the searcher.

Keyword and Competitor Research

Keyword and Competitor Research

It all starts here, actually. SEO is nothing without knowing what people are searching for. Keyword research means looking for the terms people actually type into (or speak into) search engines; figuring out which ones are the best to use; and deciding how to use them. Competitors play a huge role in this as a good SEO team can figure out what keywords the competition is using, and which ones are actually bringing them traffic and why.

Quality Content

Quality Content

Great content is one of the most important factors affecting your rank. Proper use of keywords, readability, and being informative are crucial. You need to put out consistent good copy with relevant keywords. These keywords will be what potential clients type in the search bar when looking for a law firm with your services.

Link Building

Link Building

Building backlinks is important for building your site’s authority. Google and other search engines pay close attention to what other websites are linking to you. When a website has relevant links from sites in the same or a related industry Google recognizes the site for having a little authority in that niche.

There are several different areas that need to be worked on in order to please Google and other search engines. We can help you build a website, create content, and promote your social media.

Why Do Law Firms Need SEO?

The primary way in which websites are found is through Google. Research shows that Google is responsible for up to 96% of mobile searches.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of law firms out there, and without an optimized website yours will get lost.

We want to help you with your vision, by using a process that works. If you want to run a law firm that attracts new clients, studies show that Google will be responsible for that.

The best way to think about it is by considering the way that you search for products, and pages that you’re interested in. When you search Google, do you click on the first few pages or do you go through several pages?

The answer is probably the former. So let’s get to work and help your law firm get the recognition you’re in search of.


What Are The Advantages Of SEO For Attorney?

SEO is very important for law firms and attorneys. It is a very competitive industry and proper optimization and content will help you stand out from your local competition.

Google’s algorithm isn’t perfect but it’s job is to serve up the best answer. Google wants to present you to the clients that need you, if you’re the best choice. SEO helps Google determine if that’s the case.

Paid ads are another way to get traffic - and can be quicker, but they are much more costly in the long run.

Here are a few advantages of SEO for attorneys.

Increased Visibility

This is where it starts, right? Your website is useless if no one can find it. There’s an old equation:

V + C = P.

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability. You can’t be profitable without being visible.

Increased Authority

When you're consistently showing up in search results for your practice areas, you become known throughout your area as the law firm that is best for those services. Remember: Google’s job is to serve up the best answer - so constantly being on page one for what you do, means you deliver. This is the “Credibility” part of the equation above.

Converting More Leads

This is the “P” in the equation above. By focusing on the right keywords, and building your authority, you will attract more QUALITY leads - the people who are looking for your expertise in your practice area, and ready to retain the right attorney.

So that’s the advantage: More visibility and more credibility will lead to profitability.

Law Firm SEO Questions

It can be tough to give a definitive answer to this question. There isn’t one concrete answer because it depends on the work you’re putting in, your local competition, and even the practice areas for which you are trying to attract leads.

If you’re serious about creating a page that converts leads to sales, then you could receive a high rank within 6-9 months.

Again this all depends on the work you put it into. You need to continuously create good content, be active on social media, engage with people, and many other factors that help boost your rank.

If all of this is done properly then you could begin to see these results within 6-9 months.

Our plans start at around $1200 a month for Local SEO. There are several different factors that may affect the cost of SEO for attorneys such as the competition and the exact practice area that the attorney focuses on.

Preferably if you use our services we would like to sign a 12-month contract. As mentioned, SEO takes time to take hold. Once you do start to see results, it would be a mistake to stop right away. Once stopped, it is likely that a campaign would need to be restarted down the road. No website just stays on the first page of Google without effort.

It is a process that takes time and one you should be committed to for a long term campaign.

The best answer we can give is “maybe”. It really depends on the shape that your current website is in. If it’s not in bad shape, we can add more optimized content to your current site.

If it’s outdated or there is too much to do behind the scenes to bring it up to speed, then we’ll start from scratch and create a whole new website. It needs a great design to convert visitors into clients, and it needs the most recent software behind it to be efficient, fast and flexible.