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Let’s get that phone ringing, shall we?

Lead Jump Start

Your website is supposed to make your phone ring with great leads. Is it?

You started your business and you knew you needed a website. Maybe you didn’t realize why you needed a website, but that’s what everyone told you, and it’s what your competitors were doing, so you got yourself a website.

And you waited...

...and waited.

Nothing really happened, did it? That’s because no one knows how to find your website unless they already know your name, and that kind of defeats the purpose, no?

What needs to happen is for people who are looking for your services or products, to find you by looking for those things.

Are you “Near Me?”

Millions of people open up Google every day and ask for “plumber near me” or “dentist in Denver”. If Google doesn’t know what you do or where you do it then no one will ever find YOU when they search for your services. Over 90% of all purchases now start with an internet search. Are you sure people are finding your website?

The Lead Jump Start is designed to help Google know exactly what you do, who you do it for, and where you do it - so when people ask, they find YOU.

To determine if your website could use the expert help Business Accelerator provides, ask yourself the following questions:

Here’s how The Lead Jump Start works


The Research

We run a comprehensive set of audits on your website to see how things are going. We check the site’s design, the speed, the search engine optimization, your Google Profile and everything that makes your website tick. We then research your competition to see what we’re up against, and to see what’s working for them and what’s not - and mostly, to know how we’re going to knock them off the top of the list.

The Anaylsis

Just like in the Website Booster, we’ll schedule a video conference to walk you through what we discovered during the research. We’ll then show you a multi-month plan for how we’re going to execute the campaign and what results we expect to see.identify the top issues and explain why they are important, and we’ll tell you how we’re going to fix them. We’ll then provide you with the list of additional items and solutions so you can work on those once we’re done - but the problems we fix will be the most important.


The Local SEO Campaign

Starting with some “bang-for-the-buck” type tasks we’ll get to work on your site AS WELL AS your OffPage SEO. We’ll be adding content, optimizing pages, tweaking some technical settings, building links back to your site from other websites, and optimizing your profile with Google. And we’ll do these things (as shown to you during the Analysis) for at least 6 months, possibly more depending on results. We’ll then dive in and get the work done. We may update your content, your design or layout of a page or two, your Search Optimization on the important pages, or we may do some behind the scenes work on performance issues, and finally, if needed, we’ll optimize your Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business) to make sure people can find you.

The Wrap Up

We will be evaluating and reporting progress each month of course, and as we reach the end of your campaign we’ll sit down and discuss what to expect moving forward, including a clear plan for what to do next.


How do I know the Lead Jump Start is for me?

As we mentioned on the Website Booster page, we’ve been working with websites since 1999 - so we’ve been around the block a few times. We know what works and what doesn’t and our processes reflect that.

Still Have Questions?

That’s the Holy Grail, isn’t it? We all want to be #1 on Google. Here’s the thing: we can GUARANTEE to get you to #1 on Google - but not necessarily for the keywords that will do you any good at all. If you want to be #1 for your name, that’s relatively easy, but what does that really accomplish? They already know your name in that case. We want to work to get you high up on the list (yes, #1 if possible!) for keywords that people search for when they DON’T know you already. We want to introduce you to new customers who are ready to spend money with you! So it’s not always possible to be #1 on Google for anything and everything. Our goal is to get you close for the RIGHT words, and get people to visit your website!

Search Engine Optimization is a long game. It takes a while to see results. It takes a certain amount of updating and content every month in order to work toward those results. We put in several hours each month on your site, your Google profile, and your OffPage SEO work. These things are all cumulative in nature and should not be banged-out in one month. And remember - we’re re-analyzing each month to emphasize what’s working well and focus on those things and eliminate what’s not working as well. And in addition to all of that, Google may actually penalize you if you were to make all the changes at once.

The biggest benefit is that SEO helps to let Google know who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and where you do it. This, in turn, allows your target audience to find you when they are literally looking for your products or services with the intent to purchase!

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