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The Process

We've built a lot of websites.

We've managed more than our share of projects. All that experience has helped us to build a process that is efficient and effective and produces a great end product. The steps below are the ones we'll take during your project. We'll need your input and feedback and cooperation along the way. Read through the steps and if you're ready to go click the "Get Started" button at the bottom.

we try to keep it simple and easy to understand.

the process strategy icon


We ask a bunch of questions up front about your goals, your “why”, your target audience, your services and products, your industry, and your business. The whole idea is to help us understand why you need a new website, and what you hope to accomplish with it. Sometimes this process can be daunting and downright awkward.

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Once we have a good game plan, we draw up the outline. This will provide us with a blueprint for what it is we’re trying to communicate and achieve, and how to best structure the site to accomplish those goals.

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Instead of emails and documents that try to describe what we’re going to build, we’ll show you. A picture is worth a thousand words (and I hate long emails!). Depending on the complexity of the site, your prototype may come with ZERO design elements - showing only a basic layout structure and functionality - or it may show different levels of design. Either way it will give you a great idea of the direction we’re headed.

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This is the fun part. We pull out our crayons and colored pencils and rulers and glue and exacto knives and get to make something pretty. We always keep a strong hold on functionality and usability – but we’re going to make it pretty too. You’ll see this come together as we share a private development address with you so you can watch it grow.

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If we’re developing content for you, this is the stage of the project where you should be able to review and revise it. The content writing started right after the strategy session(s), and should be ready for you now.

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We will probably need to go underground for a little while at this point and write code. Developers write their best code in the middle of the night with lots of caffeine and probably some weird music. Then we’re going to test it and test it again to make sure everything works. Then we polish it all up and send it out into that big world wide web for everyone to see.


We love new projects! If you're ready to get going click the button and let's get this ball rolling!