Google Post to Boost Law Firm Visibility

The widespread use of Google makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more important than ever these days. You must use SEO correctly, however, in order to be found online, stand out from the competition, increase your visibility and in turn, attract more clients. The good news is that Google has worked to make it easy for companies to provide relevant information to their customers through Google My Business, and a new feature, called Google Posts, gives companies, including law firms and attorneys, a great, simple way to add visibility to search results.

What is Google Posts?

Google Posts allows a company to add a short message to their profile that is displayed in Google search results and on Google Maps. These messages can be used to spotlight sales, promotions and special offers, publicize events, highlight products, or share pictures. These posts are particularly helpful for law firms and other businesses during Covid-19, because businesses are easily able to share whether they have reopened or not, what their modified hours are, if applicable, and any other message to the masses. A Google Post includes a photo, a description, and a call to action. Photos should be at least 720×540 pixels. Descriptions can be up to 1,500 characters long, but only the first 100 characters will show up in search results. The call to action should be a few words that instruct people what to do next, such as “Book a Consultation.” Google Posts stay visible in search results for seven days. If your Google Post is about an event, it will stay visible until the event has passed. A company can have up to 10 posts on their Google My Business page at one time. Though Google Posts do not have an immediate impact on a website’s SEO, they have been shown to boost a website’s search rankings and using them is a terrific way to boost your law firm’s visibility and share important messages and information with your clients and potential clients as well as showing them that you are an easily accessible, highly-communicative law firm.

Benefits of Google Posts

  • Google Posts help you engage with your audience
  • Google Posts can increase web traffic: Google Posts can be used to capture the attention of your audience and may lead to increased website traffic and conversions. Say somebody is looking for an attorney and they stumble across your Google Post. They then click on your website, see that your website is modern, accessible and fast and they are then directed to your Services page where they find that your law firm has the kind of attorney that they are looking for. Now all they have to do is call you or click on your Google Post call-to-action and just like that, a consultation has been scheduled and you’re on your way to securing a new client. The ability to reach your ideal audience when and where it matters most can be extremely beneficial, especially when you can showcase your expertise or intrigue a user with a strong call-to-action.
  • Google Posts and SEO: Though it has not been shown yet that Google Post itself has a direct impact on SEO, even so, posting consistently will help build Location Authority for your local listing. Google tracks engagement, so by having organic clicks on your call-to-action buttons, you can build up your page’s SEO ranking as well as show Google that your content is highly relevant to users.

Why Google Posts is a good idea for law firms

Law is a competitive field and we at Wiltwyck Web Design know that law firms are always trying to outshine their competition. Making sure that your online presence stands out from your competitors is essential to doing this. By taking advantage of every feature that Google puts at your disposal, you can find new ways to reach and engage with customers. Google Posts will help potential clients get easy access to your business information. This has many benefits for your law firm, including communicating with your clients directly, improving the client experience, and promoting your business through events, news, and offers.

Now that you see the benefits of using Google Posts to increase your law firm’s visibility online and attract new clients, it’s time to get started on creating your Google Posts. Remember, share useful information and updates for both current and potential clients and don’t forget a strong call-to-action that will have users clicking and converting. Good luck!