Warning Signs Your Website is Outdated

Four Warning Signs Your Website is Outdated

The longer you have a website, the more important it is to check in from time to time to ensure that your website is keeping up with technological advancements online. If you fall behind and your website is outdated, then it probably means less traffic and a decrease in sales for your business over time.

Google is always changing and creating new algorithms to improve search for users. That means you have to stay on your toes to retain a higher page rank. Let’s talk about some of the more essential improvements older websites need to make in order to stay relevant.

1. Stale Content

One of the most obvious signs your website is outdated is that your content is dated or no longer is providing valuable information for users. As a small business it is imperative that you are consistently providing valuable content for your readers. If that content is no longer useful or out of date, then it simply is not valuable.

If you are having trouble keeping your content up-to-date, Wiltwyck can manage your blog (and also your social media presence) and keep your website fresh and changing on a regular basis for a higher page rank and more traffic.

2. Keyword Stuffing

If you have not updated your Search Engine Optimization strategy and are still keyword stuffing your website content, you are hurting your website’s page rank instead of helping it. This is a common mistake we see with out-of-the-loop optimization freelancers and old websites.

Once upon a time, Google’s keyword algorithm was more primitive in recognizing  relevant content and correlated a high number of keywords to relevant content. But Google is now much more sophisticated and rightfully takes into account readability. Therefore keyword stuffing is no longer effective for success online.

If your content still follows this pattern, you can simply rewrite your content in a natural readable language. You can get more information about how to correctly optimize your content through reading about Search Engine Optimization on the internet, however, that may be a bit overwhelming.

The best option is to work with a professional web design company like Wiltwyck.  Let us be your Search Engine Optimization Consultant.

3. A Well Planned Design

Another sign your website is outdated  is if it does not inspire users to actually DO anything. Simply put, visitors are not compelled to make a purchase or dive deeper into your website. Usually, this is due to a poor design structure and poorly planned landing pages. It really helps to have a plan.

If it is difficult to navigate your website or it is not easy to read, then you can’t expect a visitor to remain on your site to get the information they need. They will simply go to a competitor’s website that is more user friendly. The fewer clicks it takes to get to your most relevant content, the better – and the more likely they will stay on your site and become a customer.

If you do not understand user flow through your site and how to optimize it to increase conversions or sales, then you can discuss options with us – we know how to study user flow and create an optimized experience for your site’s visitors. Without a quality design, you can expect to see a decrease in traffic.

4. Responsive Design

These days of increased web surfing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it is essential that you have a website that is designed to be viewed on any device. A sign that your website is not supportive of browsers for multiple devices is if you do not have a responsive design for your website. Responsive Websites automatically adjust based on the size of the web browser – to display the content in a more readable size and layout.

If this does not happen, the users won’t tolerate trying to use your site. In the past, many website owners were creating a separate mobile site with a redirect.  That was a very costly option, and the “mobile” version needed to change frequently.  In addition, Google now adds “points” to your page rank if you use a responsive design, since redirects make web surfing a less enjoyable experience for the user.

If you do not have a responsive design for your website, the best option is to have a web development company  (you know, like us!) build one for you, as it requires an expert level skill-set.

Get Your Website Up To Date

If your website is outdated, do yourself a favor and update it using the above advice.  Overtime you will see more users interact with your site which will lead to a higher conversion rate – meaning they go from being a site visitor to a customer. Remember to stay current with changes to Google’s page rank algorithms and to stay in touch with us so that we can help.

For an analysis of your website, contact Wiltwyck today, we’re not shy about letting you know if your website is outdated – and we can help you get it up to speed.