European Travel Whisperer

Their Need

Their original website was getting a bit stale and the business needed a little bit more focus. European Travel Whisperer turned to us for a full Discovery Session to help them truly evaluate the business, their services, their target audience, and their marketing.

Our Solution

In our day-long Discovery Session we found out the company's sweet-spot: what they love to do, what they are good at doing, and what makes money. The intersection of those three things was basically group tours to Europe - and specifically trips of about 20-25 people, with the focus on food, wine and cultural experiences.

Based on this sweet-spot, we encouraged them to focus almost exlusively on those trips, and guided them to seek out joint-venture partnerships with local chefs and wine experts who already have a following - with an interest in traveling to the areas from which they source their food and wine. We also encouraged them to team up with local wineries here in NY and build three-way partnerships with chefs and these wineries - with local wine tours being part of the whole travel experience.

They will soon be expaning their focus to other types of cultural group travel (history, religion, art, etc) and seeking the appropriate joint-vernture partnerships for those trips.  Bon voyage!

What They Had To Say

We have worked with Wiltwyck for over 5 years on both our business brands, so when we wanted to update our European Travel Whisperer website, it was a no brainer asking to work with them again. This time, we received even more support, as we sat down and had a half day business brainstorming session with them. This was SO helpful in really bringing our brand and our mission into focus. The session was laid out so professionally, with questions and thought provoking scenarios that really had us thinking well beyond what our website would look like or how it would function. We really drilled down to determine who our ideal clients were, why we wanted to work with them and how best to get in front of them to grow our business.

It was clear from the work we did in that session with Wiltwyck that they are not just a website development company. They have become a “how can we support your business growth” company. It was all about European Travel Whisperer, helping us get really clear on who we are and how we can grow our business. We LOVE our updated website, and we’re not done! We’ve asked Wiltwyck to keep an eye on it for us with their Care Plan, so we know if something happens, they have our backs and we can get extra support when and if we need it. They have become an important part of our team, allowing us to focus on our clients and moving our business forward, while remaining confident that our website is driving the right people to us. We would HIGHLY recommend working with Wiltwyck!

Virginia Barthel - European Travel Whisperer and Booked By Barthel Travel

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