Google Post to Boost Law Firm Visibility

You might think of a blog as something that is for young people writing about their love life, their latest fitness routine or their travels, but that is actually extremely far from the truth. These days, blogs are an extremely important component of a company’s SEO strategy. That’s because when done right, blogs attract more traffic to your website and turn those new visitors into clients. In this post, we’ll go over why your law firm needs an attorney blog.

Build trust and credibility

When you have an attorney blog that you regularly update, you can discuss the legal issues that you address every day while working with your clients while positioning yourself as a legal expert and positioning your blog as a valuable resource for your website visitors. When you answer frequently asked questions and explain how the laws apply to everyday situations, you are demonstrating that you have the knowledge that your clients and potential clients need. The more you blog, the more legal topics you are able to cover and the more likely you are to draw in new clients, looking for the kind of expertise you are offering.

Improve your SEO

The whole point of having a law firm website is to attract potential clients and encourage them to reach out to you when they need legal help or representation. These clients will not be able to find your site unless it shows up in search results pages on Google or other search engines. In order for that to happen, you need to have a good SEO score, and building a website full of relevant content is a great start. Unfortunately, simply posting updates on your blog is not enough to increase your search rankings. Your blogs should answer people’s questions and include the search terms that they are looking for. If you’d like to increase your SEO score further and make sure you are attracting clients near you, incorporate your geographical location into your blog posts. Your posts should be well-written and easy to understand, letting your clients know what steps they should take next to address their legal issues and who to call (you!).

Provide engaging content

In addition to providing helpful legal information to people who are searching for it, your blog should help your website stay up-to-date on legal issues that your clients face. For example, you don’t want your client reading your latest blog post on car accidents that happened to be written in 2007. Laws change. The last thing you want is for a client to be reading years-old content with outdated laws and getting inaccurate information. You can address changes to the law that may affect your clients. Your blog can demonstrate that you stay abreast of the ongoing changes and developments in the legal field, and it can help you engage with current and potential clients. Most legal searches are non-branded, meaning that clients don’t search for topics and a law firm by name. Instead, they search for legal issues and their location, for example “Florida truck accident attorney” or “Chicago, Illinois personal injury lawyer.” Writing blog posts that include the phrases that your potential clients are searching for is the best and fastest way to rise in search engine rankings.

Attract new business

The more engaging and informative and relevant the content on your blog is, the more people are going to read it and share it with their social networks, their friends and their families. Now, even if clients who are reading your blog are not yet looking to hire a lawyer, they nonetheless have been exposed to your name, your awesome law firm website and all of the expertise that you share with your online following via your attorney blog. When you use your attorney to optimize your SEO score, your law firm website will also rank higher on search engines— this means that when people Google a search term related to your website, they are much more likely to be directed to your website instead of those other guys down the street and choose you as their legal representation.

You can use your blog to announce firm news, awards or cases won

A blog is a perfect excuse for you to brag on the hard work of your and your firm. Whether an attorney won professional accolades, was cited in the media, or won a huge case, posting a little update (don’t forget a photo for more SEO points!) reflects well on your firm and gives your website a dynamic presence while also boosting your law firm’s credibility.

A blog is an awesome way for you to show some personality while showcasing your legal expertise as well. It’s a chance for you to appear human and not just like an attorney robot. So, show off your human side, make some jokes and be authentic to forge real connections with your blog visitors and turn those blog visits into deep connections with clients that keep coming back for your legal services.