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You need a WordPress website that sets you apart from the competition and generates leads and revenue. Wiltwyck is a WordPress Website Design Company that can do just that.

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AND There’s a reason we only build WORDPRESS websites...

WordPress is the Industry Leader!

There are a lot of reasons to use WordPress for your website design platform. It's the most flexible tool in the industry, and it is FAR AND AWAY the industry leader - with approximately 30% of all websites in the world using the platform. This gives us a large array of tools to use for adding functionality, security, and a ton of other features - not to mention the ability to customize ALL THE THINGS.

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Why are we a WordPress Website Design Company?

Almost one-third of every site in the world is built using WordPress. It’s popular because it is head and shoulders above all other platforms. That’s why at Wiltwyck Web Design only build WordPress websites.

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Wordpress Website Design Company

WordPress is Flexible

WordPress experts can take advantage of its flexibility to create any type of website, from a simple “brochure” site, to a newspaper, to a full blown eCommerce solution - any anything in-between.

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WordPress Plugins

Plugins are pieces of code that perform specific functionality, written by the WordPress community. This allows WordPress developers the ability to easily add functionality and customization to any website, without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

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WordPress helps with SEO

WordPress helps make it easy for a knowledgeable professional to build the site in a way that sets up nicely for Search Engine Optimization. Add to that the many SEO plugins that are available and the ability to add new content frequently and easily, and you have a great tool for Search Optimization!

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WordPress is Mobile Friendly

WordPress helps make building a Responsive Website easier - meaning the site will work well on any device. This is a great user experience for your target audience, and it also impresses Google and the other search engines (they like mobile-friendly websites too!) So someone is visiting your site while walking the streets of New York, all they have to worry about is the traffic.

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You’re going to love it too!

Your new WordPress website will be easy for you to make updates yourself! WordPress is a Content Management System, and was designed from the start to be easy to “manage your content”. That means you will be able to sign on and add, change or remove text, images, videos - whatever you wish. Of course, you won’t HAVE to do that because you’ll fall in love with our Website Maintenance Plans.

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Areas we serve

Wiltwyck has over 15 years of experience using WordPress to build great websites for happy clients in Kingston, Albany, Poughkeepsie, Hurley, Woodstock and all over the Hudson Valley. We're pretty confident that we can do some amazing work with WordPress for you too. Schedule a call with us and let's talk about what we can do together.

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