We are focused on giving back to the local community. That focus manifests itself in the following ways:

pro bono

Pro Bono Website

Each year we pick one local non-profit and we build them a website for free. We base this selection on a number of factors. The charity should be local. It should either have a very poorly designed site or no site at all. It should help children or animals in some way. It should be a legitimate non-profit.

Please note - if you ask to be our pro-bono website, you will eliminate yourself from contention. Pete actually seeks out the lucky recipient and offers this service.


Charitable Donations

Starting in 2016 we began making donations in our client's name for every new website we completed. The charity is our choice and subject to change. This is our small way of saying thank you to our clients and welcoming them to our "family". We hope the culture of giving back will catch on and they will think of ways to do the same with their clients.


Ongoing Giving

We donate quite a bit of time to two local non-profits to update and maintain their websites free of charge.

The Kingston Kiwanis Club has two websites that we keep up to date on a regular basis.  Those sites are: and

We also maintain the website for The Ulster County Italian American Foundation which can be found here:

Kiwanis Logo

Giving Of Self

Pete Perry currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Kingston Kiwanis Club and also as the Chairman of the Public Relations Committee.  The Kingston Kiwanis Club holds two major events each year, along with many smaller events and club activities in order to donate time and money to the local community, specifically having a direct impact on the lives of local children.


We love new projects! If you're ready to get going click the button and let's get this ball rolling!