Our Vision & Mission

We want to create a world where local business owners can have consistent high quality leads and the tools they need to keep their business running at a level which allows them to live their best life.

Our mission is to provide local based businesses with a converting website and valid & valuable traffic to generate leads and increase revenue.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, vendors, partners and employees.
We strive to exceed customer expectations.
We have fun doing what we do and expect our clients and partners to do the same.
We seek out innovative solutions and partnerships.
We stand by our work. Always.
We serve the community, near and far.
We believe in full equality for people of color and women.

Pete Perry

Pete Perry

Founder and Chief Idea Generator

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Pete is the founder of Wiltwyck Web Design and has been in the computer industry since 1988. Pete is a jack of all trades at Wiltwyck – but primarily is responsible for Business Development, Client Requirements Analysis, and Project Management. His focus has always been to deliver the finest product to the customer. He started Wiltwyck with a desire to help local business owners succeed and forge ahead in the world of online marketing.

Pete graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Computer Science, and spent the first 20 years of his career as a Systems and Business Analyst, User Interface Designer, Trainer, and Project Manager.

Pete is also a Head of Coaching at Agency Mavericks where he coaches other digital agencies on how to run their business efficiently and effectively - and how to deliver the best service to their clients.

Pete was born and raised in Kingston, NY, and currently lives just outside the city lines. He's an avid College Football fan (Go Tigers!) and enjoys hanging out with his wife, their two grown children, and their Boxer Hank.


Karlai Tabimina

Superhero Assistant

Karlai keeps things running smoothly. When you are a Care Plan client, she’s the person you’ll be communicating with most often. She handles most incoming requests and communication and then performs the necessary Project Management for those tasks.

She also performs the technical and reporting tasks for the Care Plans which keep your site safe and secure and lets you know what we’ve done each month.

Karlai has been with Wiltwyck since November 2015

When not performing magic with Wiltwyck, Karlai likes to read and write. She also does volunteer work teaching kids at a local urban community, practices singing and songwriting, and draws on occasion.

John Web Development

John Avinante

Development Guru

John is the main developer for Wiltwyck. He builds our sites from start to finish and performs most of the technical support requests that come in for the Care Plans.

He turns around tasks quicker than most, and John’s been with Wiltwyck since September 2015.
When John isn’t busy writing code and building websites, he can be found playing basketball, playing guitar, reading, listening to music and spending his time with family.


Michael Loeffler

Master Technician

Michael is a technical GENIUS. Called in to help whenever things get tricky, we’ve yet to throw something at him that he can’t handle.

From migrations, to server issues, and complicated code and integrations, Michael is the guy to handle the job when it makes the rest of our heads spin.

Michael has been working with Wiltwyck since March 2012

Michael loves to read, hike and endlessly tinker with any gadget and electronic gizmo he can get his hands on.


James Puno

Optimization Monster

James is the newest member of our team and is responsible for making sure our clients websites get found by following the best “white hat” practices for Search Engine Optimization.

There are a lot of people out there doing SEO the wrong way - but James knows in the end those methods don’t work - so we only do it the right way.

When not helping websites rank, James loves to play MMOs, bike and hang out with his friends and family.

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