Benners Garden SEO Case Study

We didn’t build or design this website, but the client came to us because they were suffering through some really bad sales. They needed our help to boost sales back up so they could compete. They were even talking about closing the company. We started working on their SEO and content – running a complete SEO Campaign.

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Our Solution

We started by changing the pages that were getting attention. Traffic was coming to the site - but to the wrong pages - so no one was buying. There were also too many pages "optimized" for the same keyword - which was causing their main keyword to not even rank in the Top 100.

The Result

It took a few months to see results - but eventually we were able to move many keywords into the Top 10 - and their main keywords "Deer Fence" and "Deer Fencing" went from 100+ to Top 5 each. This resulted in sales for the first 4 months of 2020 exceeding the same period of 2019 by 55 PERCENT!


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